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Apply for Education Loan to Study Abroad

Our Experts discuss your profile and requirements in detail with you and then present your case to financial institutions for a better approval ratio & get you the desired loan deal within the desired timeline

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Single Platform for all Applications

A single digital platform that connects you to multiple Banks & NBFCs

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Get a loan at the comfort of your home with our digitally enabled platforms.

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Our professional consultants are there to help you throughout your loan journey.

Flexible Repayment Options

Get Variety of repayment option as per your profile.

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Get your loan sanctioned before you start your college journey, loan sanction possible even within a few hours

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Frequently asked questions

During our education, we faced financial challenges. Our desire to democratise education is fueled by this experience. We offer a platform for borrowers and lenders to lessen the complexity in the field of education loans and bring clarity to the price structure while giving borrowers a variety of options.

Since it is not a financial institution, Wecare Capital doesn’t lend on its own. Instead, we facilitate the funding of education. Leading financial institutions in India and overseas have cooperated with us. We will also soon make our platform available to private persons so they can start lending through it.

We use a variety of services, and nothing irritates us more than when our information is shared without our consent. Except for the fulfilment of your requests, Wecare Capital will not disclose your information to third parties for the purpose of solicitation. Please see our privacy statement for more information. By using encryption, Wecare Capital makes sure that the information you share with us is completely secure.

We advise you to start analysing your money well before the start of your real study period. As a place to start, you can search for scholarships on our portal. If you are unable to find the ideal scholarship, apply straight away for a loan so that you can contact more potential investors.

We offer a variety of services, including document collection and giving applicants credit insights. In order to deal with payment delays and defaults, we also closely collaborate with financial institutions. We collaborate with financial institutions as needed. More information about our product can be found at Financing Partners.


You can begin by filling out the contact form on the Wecare Capital website before finishing your application. Your profile becomes active after your documents have been validated. Following that, you can browse loan applications and begin loan bidding.

If we need any additional explanations after reviewing your loan application, we will Call you a letter.

Registration on our website is free of charge. This indicates that you are free to bid on loans.
Borrowers (applicant and/or co-applicant) provide a security for their loan to the lender in cases when there is collateral. Fixed Deposits, apartments, etc., are a few examples of collateral. They go under the name of secured loans as well. Loans are referred to as unsecured loans no collateral or no security offered.
According to Section 80E in The Income- Tax Act, 1995, interest paid on student loans may be deducted from taxable income. As a result, it will lower the amount you must provide.

The applicant’s and co-applicant income, applicant’s prior academic performance, school of graduation, intended school, GRE/GMAT scores, and other variables all affect loan eligibility.

Your student budget will be significantly impacted by the expense of accomodation in addition to tuition fees. In order to find a high-quality residence at a fair price, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on the top student residences close to your university.