Earn up to 7% p.a.*Interest on NRI Accounts with Monthly Interest Credits .

NRI accounts provide a comprehensive and convenient solution for managing your finances as a Non-Resident Indian. From tax benefits and repatriation freedom to investment opportunities and ease of transactions, these accounts cater to your unique needs and financial goals.

Choosing the right type of NRI account (NRE or NRO) depends on your specific circumstances and financial objectives. Consulting a financial advisor can help you make an informed decision and leverage the full potential of your NRI account.

Earn up to 7% p.a.*Interest on NRI Accounts with Monthly Interest Credits .

Attractive Interest Rates

Higher returns across your NRI account in INR, FCY, and Rupee Max plans. Earn tax-exempt interest with the power of compounding on NRE savings Account.

Attractive Exchange rates on remittances

Get more INR for the foreign currency you send to India

Access your account from anywhere anytime

Our advanced mobile app lets you access all our banking solutions from anywhere around the globe

Dedicated Relationship Manager

A dedicated RM to help you with your financial needs in India

One clicks Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) Account

Simplify trading in the equity market with an instant online portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) account

Airport Lounge access

Complimentary domestic airport lounge access is provided to customers twice every quarter

Unconventional NRI Investment Opportunities in India

Your Option & Let us know your requirements Our experts will call and let you know the best of suitable options for you, Choose the offer with the terms that work best for you.

Unconventional NRI Investment Opportunities in India

  • Art 

The international art market is quite developed, with Indian art not far behind. Data suggests that the Indian art auction market grew to Rs 1034 crores in 2021-22 compared to Rs 7 crores in 2000.

For many NRIs, art constitutes more of a pride of possession. It is considered a status symbol and fulfills their love for the finer things in life. For others, art can be an investment avenue that they can resell to make a profit when the item’s value increases.

Many banks and financial institutions have also launched specified art funds. Such funds pool money from interested investors and invest the corpus in art pieces by well-known Indian artists.

Moreover, with the introduction of Non-Fungible Tokens, art has gone digital. NFT Art is a digital art tokenized on the blockchain. Each art piece is unique and holds a unique value. NRIs can buy and sell or trade such digital art to make profits.

  • Real estate

Real estate is another popular investment opportunity for NRIs. In 2021, NRIs invested about $13 billion in Indian real estate. The numbers are expected to grow.

Real estate investment has its set of benefits and drawbacks for NRIs. Have a look –



·     They can create an asset in India

·     Real estate in India is comparatively cheaper than abroad

·     It helps in saving taxes under Section 80C and 24(b)

·     Higher resale value

·     They can make a profit by selling the property. Alternatively, a regular income source can be created by letting out the property

·     Not easily liquid

·     Requires a considerable amount of investment

·     Repayment of the home loan becomes a recurring expense

·     It might not be relevant if the NRI does not plan on returning

Note: Under the new tax regime the above benefits are not applicable

Moreover, easy NRI home loans are available to facilitate NRIs to own property in India. The loans are affordable, have a high quantum, and can be repaid easily.